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Minority Owned Business

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Sam Trevino

President / Founder

Throughout his more than 20-year professional career, Mr. Trevino has honed his skills in leadership, planning, organizing, and operations through exposure to disparate markets. Early experience gained as an executive in the service industry provided ample opportunity to address key corporate challenges including gap analyses, increasing market share, identifying new business partnerships, and incorporation of strategic marketing. Mastery of these challenges, as well as a deep-rooted passion for providing the best service at the most reasonable cost, served as a springboard for his foray into the government contracting industry.

In 2005, Mr. Trevino became Chief Operating Officer (COO) of P3S Corporation, a privately held enterprise that provides Information Technology, Program Management, Financial Management, Healthcare Management, and Homeland Security Services to the federal government. As COO, he governed the growth of a business that began in a single city with one employee into a multimillion dollar, emerging leader in the Government Services Industry with more than 360 employees in 25 states. Under his leadership, P3S Corporation has received numerous accolades from the Small Business Administration, Congressional Leaders, Inc. 500 Magazine, and various other Federal/State/City small business bureaus for spectacular growth rates, impeccable quality services, and stellar executive management.

Given his native intelligence for business management and role as an enterprise-level visionary, Mr. Trevino embarked on a solo venture and founded G2S Corporation in 2009. He understands that rendering responsive, skilled regulatory-compliant human resources to meet the growing demands of his federal and military partners can save taxpayer dollars. Building on his prior government contracting experience, Mr. Trevino established G2S to become specialists on the core services of Information Technology, Financial Management, and Medical Services. As President of G2S, Mr. Trevino is currently responsible for worldwide sales and operations, as well as management, service and support in all markets and regions. He also heads the Human Resources division and plays a key role in the continued development of personnel and recruiting and retention strategies to ensure flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace.

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