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Information Technology

Information Technology

At G²S Corporation, we leverage advanced business platforms, emergent trends, and strategic insights to enhance our Information Technology (IT) Services. Our IT teams comprise an accomplished cadre of innovative problem solvers, who are committed to defining the optimal execution approach. We efficiently provide value at its source for our commercial and government customers, successfully securing systems on time and within budget.

Our certified technicians have provided services to both government and commercial clients. Our IT staff has extensive experience with developing systems and processes to safeguard private health information throughout numerous medical enterprises. We have also produced first-class network and software solutions, including the GE  Centricity Electronic Medical Records system.  We provided enterprise-wide IV&V support for the SAP transition.  Through our efforts, the government has been able to meet its mission requirements on time and under budget.  We have also designed and installed various A/V components, including SMART podiums, and cutting-edge multimedia, control, and automation systems.  

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Our Customers

Air Education and Training Command Decision Support System (ADSS)

We provide turnkey sustainment support to the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) Decision Support System (ADSS). The ADSS has demonstrated the successful presentation of training data, both technical and flying, into an Oracle/IBM Cognos-based business intelligence solution to provide data-driven decision support to Air Force leadership and staff.  The system is used by members of AETC at 20 geographic locations as well as members of other MAJCOMS located within the “dot-mil” (.mil) domain.

G²S Corporation manages all aspects of software and hardware integration and sustainment, implementation, and operations.  We sustain and adapt large enterprise system components, including adapting Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) and Government off the Shelf (GOTS) COTS/GOTS software. We provide database administration for Oracle, LAN/WAN design and operations, interface and sustainment programming, business analysis, system engineering, product verification and validation, and customer support

Air Force Medical Operations Agency - Chief Technology Officer Support

The primary objective of this contract is to provide technical engineering and program management oversight support to develop and review engineering studies and technical solutions for all infrastructure and systems that will be used within Air Force (AF) Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), for the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS), in support of the AF Surgeon General’s (SG) mission. These services include supporting large-scale initiatives IAW business improvement and reengineering activities including organizational development and process modernization efforts supporting AF Health IT initiatives.

Our engineers and clinical information system experts provide systems analysis IAW AFMCI 63-1201, requirements analysis, and risk assessment for the DoD. We participate in the Electronic Health Record Steering Committee and collaborate with various DoD entities to provide input and advice regarding planned future enhancements of the EHR.

Field Training Scheduling System (FTSS)

G²S Corporation’s comprehensive management solution provides highly qualified staff with the right skills and minimal risk of disruption for the 982d Training Group. The Field Training Scheduling System (FTSS) supports 982d Training Group training operations allowing the scheduling of 30,000 type-4 students at 48 detachments across the globe.

We provide advanced knowledge and support of Microsoft SharePoint, Application Program Interfaces (API), database schema design and optimization, AngularJS, and form authoring.  We also provide helpdesk support and enhancements to the system.

CDC Division of STD, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and TB Prevention

The primary objective of this contract is to develop, document, and implement STD surveillance data management processes using concepts and practices of standard and advanced data analytic methods and information management protocols.  Access to quality data is an effective way in the support of STD prevention.

The ability to precisely collect and analyze data in a timely manner is a key part of making correct decisions regarding individual patient care and case management. A key part of the data collection and management process falls into the area of informatics, i.e. the use of information systems and technology to perform the critical tasks of data collection, management, and analysis.

Technology Services

  • Applications Software
  • Communications Management
  • Data Quality and Profiling
  • Database Administration
  • Desktop & System Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise-wide Data Capabilities
  • Help Desk Administration
  • Information Assurance
  • Installation Verification & Validation 
  • Network Administration
  • Network Maintenance
  • Network Management
  • Network Security
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • System Integration and Analysis
  • Technical Procurement
  • Technical Representation
  • Technical Support and Planning
  • Technical Training
  • VPN Implementation and Support

Our Clients

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